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Artists’ Talk: Kim Dhillon and Andrea Francke, The Serpentine


Shapes, (Changing Play commission for the Serpentine, London at Portman Children’s Centre), Kim Dhillon and Andrea Francke, 2014-16

As part of our  commission with the Serpentine Galleries, Andrea Francke and I presented an artist’s talk at the gallery on 24 October 2015 which discussed the project, a partnership with the Portman’s Centre for Early Years Education, and the interrogation of early years education for a collaborative, research-based art practice.

You can watch the full talk here.

Activism, Art, commissions, Exhibitions, ISP

Artists’ Talk: Serpentine Gallery

As part of the Serpentine’s commission of myself and Andrea Francke for their Changing Play series, we gave an artist talk on Saturday 24 October 2015. Our Artist Talk highlighted our research into parenthood, childcare and Early Years Education through our collaborative open-research platform, Invisible Spaces of Parenthood. You can watch it here.