About Me

I am a writer, art historian, and artist.

Broadly speaking, my research examines the legacies of second wave feminism, its intersections with conceptualism, text, written language and material culture. More specifically, past projects have explored 1970s feminist publishing collectives in the US, the relationship of the Bauhaus to the kindergarten, and legacies of care and labour in art school infrastructures.

You can reach me on kimsukie[at]gmail[dot]com

KD Bio pic
Photo: Greg Stogdon

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Many moons ago, I was an art director for an educational publishing company – typography was a huge aspect of daily life – not so much form as function – though it had to be attractive (especially the cover) readability was always on the forefront.
    I think what you’re studying is fascinating, typography in contemporary art, and I wish you all the best in school…

      1. Whenever I read a young person’s bio I think, wow, so many possibilities and so many paths to place their energetic feet down upon…
        All the best with your education and your aspirations 🙂

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